Fungus Design was founded by Indian artist Srinihal Pouka and Arjun K Das. Fungus Design breaks down walls by painting them. Since 2013, its purpose has been to ignore barriers and make paths into the hearts of people through wall art. The scale and freedom of the medium allows for some very interesting messages to go out to the everyday viewer. Instead of staying confined in galleries, Srinihal and Arjun believed in taking the beauty of a piece of thoughtful art public and splash it onto your walls. Because in an earthquake, it survives the flood and defies whitewashing. Most importantly it is there always when you walk down the beach or look out of your kitchen window, when you’re ordering coffee or reading the papers.Fungus Design loves colour and magic, the surreal and impossible. Fungus Design loves super-sized creations, stunning art that can add something to your everyday without selling you a ticket. We’ve worked with many NGOs, venues and restaurants to bring the madness of giant art to people, and we look to keep collaborating and finding new opportunities to keep the Fungus on the walls.


Spread art and love. Let the Fungus grow.




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